Voda Bauer DNA

Voda Bauer’s core values are reflected in the company’s DNA, which promotes interactions and connections between agents, employees and everyone in the company.

Our Core Values Our Focus Our Actions


Our Core Values

Strong Relationships
Relationship-building is the cornerstone of Voda Bauer’s business. We believe that relationships built on trust and respect are essential to any successful endeavor.

Powerful Collaboration
Clients and agents both win when a team works in a collaborative, rather than competitive, manner. By working together, Voda Bauer team members can work effectively, intelligently, and expediently to match our clients to the perfect property.

Meaningful Growth
Whether you’re a newcomer to the New York City real estate game or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to learn. Voda Bauer is committed to empowering its team members with the tools they need to continually grow in their lives, both personally and professionally.


Our Focus

Cause and Effect
We know that our actions have an impact. We act knowing the ways in which our business can and will change the world.

Sharing and Receiving
We give to both our clients and agents unconditionally, knowing that as others in our community do the same, we all stand to benefit.

Unlimited Potential
Nothing should ever stand in the way of one’s full potential. Our environment is one powered by creativity and determination.

Community Building
The connections we make today are the relationships of tomorrow. Our community grows with every new connection we make.

A World of Opportunities
No challenge should ever be looked at as a barrier. Treat every new experience as a lesson.


Our Actions

  • Sharing best-practices
  • Digitally-taped training links
  • Pay-it-forward stories
  • Partner training
  • Weekly sales training
  • Monthly company-wide meetings
  • Regular shout-outs
  • Best practices summits
  • “Lunch n Learn”
  • Collaborative environment
  • Monthly socials